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Life In Balance Holistic Wellness & Nature Retreat
Outdoor Activities, Inner Healing & Personal Growth

September 26 - October 2, 2020 - Aspen, Colorado

Connect with your Authentic Self through Nature during this unique wellness retreat which combines outdoor activities such as hiking through Aspen trees, cycling along the Rio Grande bike path and silent Vipassana horseback ride on the spectacular Maroon Bells Trail during the changing colors of Fall.

Learn about the 9 Traps of Unconscious Loving and essential communication skills, 7 Steps For Clarity and Peaceful Conflict Resolution.

Must be physically fit enough to participate in this active outdoor retreat. Great for adult singles, couples, friend / sibling get-away, mothers-daughters, fathers-sons. Private group booking possible with advance scheduling.

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2-Day Commitment To Love Workshops

Topanga, CA - Register Now
Aspen, CO - Register Now

Miscommunication in relationships can be the source of much mental-emotional stress that impairs cognitive processing, weakens immune function, makes the body more susceptible to illness, dis-ease and destroys relationships..

Essential skills for therapists, wellness professionals, parents, entrepreneurs, singles and couples.

  • Avoid the 9 Traps of Unconscious Loving that  undermine your loving intentions in relationships
  • Learn 7 Steps for Clarity and Heart-Connected Conflict Resolution
  • Practice clear, complete and honest communication that creates and maintains loving intimacy.
  • Learn new heart-soul-centered communication skills that are never taught in school or in traditional therapy because it’s not in their curriculum.
  • Stop dis-empowering behavior patterns that are passed down unconsciously from  one generation to the next
  • Take home effective tools that reduce mental-emotional stress and support immune function for  holistic health and wellness

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In   Sp I red   Life In Balance Tuscan Style

EAT, PAINT, PRAY LOVE: Life In Balance Tuscan Style

4 days in Florence, Art Capital of Italy
5 days in Tuscan Countryside

Travel With Intention For Life In Balance

BODY    MIND    ♥    ART    SOUL

Set your personal intentions our first night together and see how they gracefully unfold during this slow-paced,10-day Tuscan adventure, inspired by the artistic masters of Florence, architecture, passionate Italian culture, great regional foods and wines and the beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

Morning Movement, Stretching & Vipassana Meditation in the beautiful grounds of Villa Campestri bring clarity to each day’s intention. After break-fast the rest of the day begins according to our itinerary with plenty of personal time to relax, reflect, receive massage and explore on your own.

Evening Wisdom Circles facilitated by Dianne Porchia, MA, provide an opportunity to share with the group your personal insights, adventures and learning from the day's meditation, suggested reading, creative works, activities and observations.

Creative expression and exploration is encouraged with guidance from Margherita Abozzo, local Florentine painter /writer/ teacher and Dianne Porchia. Margherita and Porchia met and graduated from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London in 1992, and have remained friends. Margherita continued her artistic career obtaining her Master’s Degree Art History in Florence. Porchia returned to the USA in 1996, entered the healing arts and obtained her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

EAT, PAINT, PRAY, LOVE is a gift to your Self. Expand your capacity to live more fully in Love, Light and Beauty. Transform past limiting beliefs and pat-terns into new Self-loving, Self-nurturing, Self-honoring and creative practices that enhance health, wellness, success and fulfillment. You do not need to be an artist to participate. Photographers welcome.


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n   Sp I re
 d   Women

WISH™ For Mothers & Daughters
Healing Hearts & Inspiring Souls
The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift or Women's Retreat

Masterfully facilitated by Dianne Porchia, MA, this holistic wellness and personal growth retreat joyfully sets the tone for generations of mothers and daughters to come together in a safe, sacred and very special nurturing environment to allow for graceful transformation of past hurts, fears and loss into healing, reconnection, inspiration and celebration. Even if your mother
has passed or your daughter is estranged you can clear the way for new beginnings:

Discover new appreciation and gratitude
Reconnect with the loving inside your Self
Transform your past story of separation into healing
Rejuvenate with therapeutic massage & spa treatments
Learn effective stress reduction techniques for health & wellness
Invigorate with morning yoga, dance, movement, chi gong, exercise
Inspire positive change within your Self for a new beginning
Celebrate being a woman and all that means to you

WISH™ For Mother's & Daughters
are offered on Mother's Day and other times of year at Esalen Institute, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, Bernardus Lodge & Spa and other special destinations near nature that have massage, nurturing spa treatments and healing waters.

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Dianne Porchia

• Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner
• Relationship & Communication Skills Coach
• Stress Reduction Trainer , Retreat Facilitator

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